Meet Cheryl, our Member of the Month for September!

Cheryl is a parts manager at Harley Davidson and as you might guess enjoys riding motorcycles and the thrill of adventure that it brings.

She has been on a few baseball teams over the years even qualifying and playing Ladies Fastball for a couple seasons. Now she routinely enjoys Zumba, booty class workouts and dance classes.


She found out about us via Facebook and signed up for the 6 week challenge. She was keen to lose weight and focus on some nutrition goals. This new territory and she was looking for help. We taught her about counting macros and tracking food. Both simple, yet daunting when you’ve not done it before.  It was during the Challenge that Cheryl was able to practice these new skills and to become successful at fueling her body the way it needed so she could drop 13 pounds and meet her goal of losing fat and gaining muscle.


Something that was a bit of an obstacle for Cheryl in starting at the gym, was that she has a previous injury to her wrist. We are talking major surgery, screws, plates etc. Her range of motion is fairly limited and while this was a concern and something to work around, she has chosen to keep on trying and modifying as necessary. She says that fear of the unknown was a factor in signing up. Would it work? Could she even do the Crossfit movements? Would her wrist be ok? Because she chose to be committed to trying, she has since learned that she is far more capable than she knew. She has been highly successful at learning the Crossfit movements, adjusting as necessary, and as a result has more strength and mobility in her wrist than just a few short months ago when she started!


Now that she has been at this for a few months, she says she is very happy with her accomplishments. Reaching her goals, improving her wrist. This has been instrumental in learning to be more positive about herself and feeling good about what she can accomplish. The process of trying, learning and improving has led her to be more willing to try new things in her life, as well as be less afraid of failure. Huge successes I’d say! Amazing what functional fitness can help you with!


I asked her what she sees in the future and she laughs, saying “Well, Crossfit is addicting… I think we are in a long term relationship now!”  We laughed a little because we both know the feeling of starting to exercise for a reason and then staying for the fun and progress! I also asked her what else has changed in her life since beginning Crossfit in Febuary. She was quick to reply that she feels more energetic and has noticeably more strength and mobility in her injured wrist. These are the things that I love hearing about for our Members. How our time in the gym has helped them improve out of the gym. This is why you come and why we encourage you to learn and do new things!


Cheryl would make sure you know that “regardless of injury, you can still achieve your goals and have success!” If you are not sure that Crossfit or functional exercise is for you, she would make sure to let you know that you will be able to succeed. She is a straight shooter though and will also tell you “It’s hard as hell, but worth it. You will see results. 100%”.