Angela first came to us at Red Sea Crossfit at the recommendation of her daughter. After seeing us on Facebook  and wanting her mom to try the classes, they talked it over and because Angela was already looking for a bit more out of her exercise regime, she decided to give it a try.  Since then, she has given up her previous gym membership and has stayed on with Red Sea Crossfit.


Angela has always been active, even working as a phys. ed teacher previously, but after having ankle repair surgery in 2018, she noticed a significant decrease in strength and mobility and has been working on regaining some of that strength as well as maintaining the abilities she has. When asked what one of her main goals in exercise is she states “To get up the freaking stairs!”. She also is quick to say that she wants better mobility and strength. She leads a full and busy life so has no time for weakness or inability to stop her.  We love seeing this tenacity and determination in her.


While she has not yet mastered the stairs or come to a place where she is content with her strength and mobility, she recognizes that she is making progress and is on the way to achieving these goals. We interviewed right after she finished a WOD where she was doing pushups from a bar in the rack, kettlebell swings and step ups. It is so fun to talk with our members and see the pride and sense of accomplishment when they talk about what they just did and realize that a few months ago they would not have been able to do it. While she is still feeling frustrated about the stairs and some of the trouble arthritis is giving her, she is happy to see these improvements in the gym and know that it is working towards her big goals.



One of the biggest things Angela is proud of since starting with us at Red Sea Crossfit is learning new movements and lifting more weights than expected. She set a PR deadlift just the other day at 50#. While arthritis does limit her at times, it is so exciting to see her hard work pay off! She has consistently worked hard in the gym and at home, and probably works out more at home than all the rest of us! Her dedication to improving is worth talking about and celebrating!



I asked Angela what she would say to someone in her shoes considering trying Crossfit. She says “Go for it!” and that “it is set up for everybody to be able to do it! If I can do it, so can you!” The atmosphere of the gym is not like many places, there is good social connections, personalized coaching, and personal interest in how you are doing. Between the coaches, gym dog and Jennica’s kids, you get a pretty good social meeting and a workout too!


We are so glad to have you Angela! We look forward to working with you more and watching you crush those stairs in the not so distant future!