Duncan has recently joined the gym and has been a great proponent of community and fun in the box. If you’ve ever worked out with him, you will have had interesting conversation and a few good chuckles.


After graduating university last year, he found himself in a bit of a rut, not being very active and self described as lazy and just chilling out a lot. It was after realizing this, that he knew he wanted to fill his time with something more. Wanting to take this year as a year of personal growth and meeting new people and new experiences, he took the leap and came to a Saturday morning class.  He said after that first class he was hooked. He promptly signed up and has been a regular ever since.


This young man has quite an athletic history in several sports, ranging from soccer and hockey to football, volleyball, track and field as well as cross country running. He has even qualified to compete at the provincial level on several occasions. He qualified for Provincials in Cross Country in grade 11 and 12 and also won Silver at Provincials with his Basketball team in grade 12.


After university and job hunting, he knew that he wanted to be stronger and in better shape again, but didn’t want to go to a ‘regular’ gym. Because of his history in sports he was looking for something that was along the lines of circuit training or high intensity, but also wanted to work on developing strength. He did a little Googling and found us! We couldn’t be happier! When I asked him about how he was feeling after starting Crossfit, he said ‘sore’ with a laugh, then said ‘exhausted’. Funny guy! It is certainly tough to start a new style of exercise! When I asked him what he enjoyed the most about working with us at Red Sea Crossfit, he quickly replied ‘the crowd’. He has found it to be a friendly place, community driven, where you push each other in workouts but still have a great time with the people you now call friends.

He also commented that Crossfit has been great to meet new people across different age groups, walks of life, and different professions. This has helped him achieve a personal goal of meeting new people. We at Red Sea Crossfit are so happy to have people from all walks of life and age groups etc. as it is only in diversity that true strength and growth can be found.


While at times, especially just after starting, he found it mentally challenging to commit to the workouts, he has chosen to follow through on his goals and has made time for the gym, even as his schedule is filling up. Now he wants to keep coming, building up his strength and ‘dial in’ his nutrition to further support his goals.

I asked Duncan how he was able to make these choices, and he said, he just wanted to reach his goals of getting active and in shape, building his strength and meeting new people, so kept choosing to come back.

I then asked him what he was most proud of achieving since starting. He replied with seeing his strength increase and reaching those milestone’s that you set out for yourself.


Since starting at Red Sea Crossfit he says he feels more capable of accomplishing jobs and goals. This comes from putting in the work and seeing the positive results. He is very happy to be moving forward with a new outlook and the confidence to try new things. He says that starting in Crossfit has sparked a willingness to try new things. He has started playing frisbee golf, he’s signed up for the Troubled Monk run later this month and is going to compete in a Sprint Triathlon.

We love seeing this kind of growth in our members and are so excited to hear these stories as they often reflect what others are experiencing as well.

The last thing I asked him about was what he would say to someone thinking of trying Crossfit. He said “Just give it a go! Wing it! The worst that happens is you don’t like it. Best thing that happens is you stay and have fun!”

Thank you Duncan for sharing with us and we look forward to seeing you around and wish you the best in your competitions this summer!