Kelly O.

“Thank you Red Sea CrossFit for helping me through my injuries and breaking down some old beliefs on how I can move. I feel alive again and I appreciate the knowledge and guidance. I am sore and grateful to feel strong again. Red Sea CrossFit is my new favorite gym in Red Deer. Thanks Michael Reid for kicking my butt and getting me there. Support local Christian people. Great gym. Great people. Change is a state of mind. Surrounding myself with good people in key. LETS DO THIS!”

Patricia E.

“My son does CrossFit for kids and loves it. Tom has inspired him to be an “exercise teacher” when he grows up. He is more aware of healthy living. He practices at home, even hosts classes of his own for friends. A huge parent win for me. My daughter who is very active in dance also wants to join in the fun. Thank you Tom for showing my kids active living is fun.”

Jennica T.

“Such a great place! Having no previous gym experience I was pretty nervous about trying CrossFit, but once you get here, you are well looked after and coached well at your ability. I might be a little bit hooked now and miss it when I can’t make it in.”

Amy L.

“I have been going to Ignite since November 2016 and I LOVE IT!! I look forward to going every week. Yanina and Greg greet everyone, every single class with an amazing amount of energy and fun. They have a great way of connecting with us all. Outside of their awesome personalities, they kick our butts. They know their stuff. They challenge you, but are also keenly aware of when modifications are necessary. This is a no judgement zone. They are encouraging and push you to exceed your self imposed limitations. I love that every class has different exercises (just when you think you’e seen them all – think again). They walk around and make sure your form is correct and work with you to adjust it if necessary. I feel like they are totally engaged in you getting stronger while having fun. I absolutely encourage anyone and everyone to visit Ignite. I have no doubt you will love it as much as I do.”

Andrea B.

“Phenomenal facility with outstanding, knowledgable coaches! Recommend this place 100%”

Amy T.

“This gym feels like a big family. No egos, no attitudes. Just supportive, encouraging people all around.”

Jeff H.

“Red Sea CrossFit is an ideal facility for optimal fitness and health.”

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